Sponsor the Guidebook

We’re offering you an opportunity to sponsor a chapter and join us in publishing the open source Tropical Permaculture Guidebook! The positive impacts include improving health and well-being, education, food sovereignty and resilience to climate change while also reducing its impact. It is especially for developing countries.

From us a huge thankyou because you are helping us achieve our goal. We have seen how much difference the original book has already made in Timor Leste and we want to replicate and expand that positive change across all tropical countries.

From the people who use this book – they will probably never know that you helped them and their families, but they will be able to have more food, cleaner water, be more resilient, more sustainable, have better livelihoods and live in healthier and more stable communities. You will know that you’ve contributed to that!!

Photo: Eugenio Lemos
Photo: Eugenio Lemos

Timor-Leste school garden permaculture program

Eugenio (Ego) Lemos, co-author of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook presents the amazing Timor-Leste school garden permaculture program at a TEDxDili. It also includes a short film at one of the gardens and of course a couple of Ego’s songs! This is the culmination of many years hard work by Ego and the Permatil team, and the beginning of a new program that will provide short and long-term educational, nutritional and environmental benefits to children across Timor-Leste. Enjoy!!