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Agriculture And Environment

Community, Agriculture and Environment

Agriculture is strongly connected to the land and the surrounding environment. Agriculture, wherever it is practiced, affects and is affected by the land, the environment and the people.

Improvement in agricultural methods and protection of the natural environment are essential for future prosperity. These two goals can be achieved together if good designs, strategies and techniques are used.

If you understand how your crops and land management affect your surrounding environment, you can maintain and even improve the health of people and the environment. A healthy environment also improves agricultural production. Cleaner rivers and other water sources lead to less irrigation maintenance. More birds, small animals and insects lead to better pollination and fewer pest problems for crops. Reforestation and good land management above agricultural areas reduce flooding and landslide problems.

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John Tann

Valuable weeds

Weeds provide many functions and products. Make the most of them to improve your agricultural production as they are good for:

  • Mulch and compost material
  • Organic matter
  • Protecting the soil from erosion
  • Products, such as fibre and paper
  • Providing homes for pest predators and attracting pollinators
  • Indicating what grows well as many weeds have productive plants for relatives: If a weed grows well, its productive relative probably does too.
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Sponsor the Guidebook

We’re offering you an opportunity to sponsor a chapter and join us in publishing the open source Tropical Permaculture Guidebook! The positive impacts include improving health and well-being, education, food sovereignty and resilience to climate change while also reducing its…

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Banana Pit

Banana Pit / Composting Gardens

The banana pit/compost pit is an excellent way to feed vegetables and trees.

Bananas and papayas especially like to grow around the compost pits, but do not plant them together as they compete too much for space and nutrients.

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Permafund supports publication with a $1000 grant

In 2015 Permafund donated $1,000 to Permatil to develop new tropical permaculture guidebook.

Permaculture Australia offer small grants to community based organisations in Australia or overseas to support work restoring and improving the environment and building sustainable communities.

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